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Product name : ink jet printer
Product No. : 201562910345
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1Font lattice 5X55X77X96X128X1612X1611X524
2、Printing lines      1-4lines can be adjusted
3、Font height       2-15MM can be adjusted
4、Printing speed   1.5m/s, (single line 7X6 )
5. Printing direction      All round adjustment 
6. Font widening      Maximum 9 times    
7. Printing content     Chinese characters, English letters, Arabic numerals, pictures and literatures 
8. Printing format      Different layout of batch number of product, serial number, total amount, Chinese and English, picture and literature, auto continuous printing, delay printing, positive direct, negative direction and reverse printing etc.
9、 Built-in Chinese character library, direct lattice editing for printing, synchronous editing and printing 
10、Disorder printing when connected to computer and anti-fake function required by customer 
11、Functions of online metering, synchronous coding, synchronous photoelectricity, synchronous distance of synchronizer, online inspection of printing of N times.
12、Power  50W    
13、Power supply  220V±10%VAC,50HZ
14、Ambient temperature  5-40℃  
15、Ambient humidity  10%-90%RH(No dew condensation)
16、Dimension  585X470X270mm  
17、Weight  32KG    

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